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Everything You Want to Know About Iphone 5S and 5C

And finally the apple conference has finished, with many news.
as it's expected apple has released yesturday the two new smartphones, the first is the high performances iphone which called Iphone 5S the seconde is the cheaper iphone called "iphone5C" and we can say that it's the first time that apple launch a cheap phone. also apple has released the official version of IOS7 after 5 beta versions.

Iphone 5S News:
As it's expected the design of iphone 5S is similar to iphone 5 and the same thing for the screen (4-inch) with 1136 x 640 pixels.
The camera: the iphone 5S has a similar camera as the old iphone 5 with 8MP but it has new features to get a better quality photos.
The company has introduced many improvements for the camera such as a bigger camera sensor by 15%, and for the pixel size it became 1.5 microns compared to 1.1 in "Samsung Galaxy S 4y".

processor: Iphone 5S has Dual-core processor "A7" with the new 64-bit technology which it's used for the first time in smartphones world and it contains more than one billion transistors, and this make the iphone 5S processor mimic computers processors.
Apple says that A7 processor provide another processor called "M7" dedicated to measuring motion sensors such as accelerometer sensor, compass and other.
By apple: A7 processor is 56 times faster than the iphone 5.

The top feature in the iphone 5s is the fingerprint which includes sensitive fingerprint precisely 500 pixels per inch, the phone can read the fingerprint in any direction, which is based in the Home button, apple says that its made of sapphire so it becomes non-scratch or breakage to ensure a greater protect for the fingerprint sensor.

Iphone 5C News:
if you read the previous post about the leaked photo of iphone 5C you will notice that the iphone5C come like it was expected.
Iphone 5C is maded in plastic outside and a kind of metal inside to enhance the performance of the device in
picking up signals of communication networks, especially as it supports the fourth-generation networks (4G).

And like the iphone 5 the new iphone holds a processors "A6" and a high capacity battery as described by the company, and comes with 4-inches retina display, in addition to a 8MP rear camera, and a HD front camera, as it's expected the iphone 5C is running on IOS 7 .

iphone 5C will be available in five colors, the price of the phone is $ 99 for 16GB and $ 199 32GB with a contract for two years, it's noteable that the price is 100$ less then the price of iPhone 5S with the same period of the contract , as well as that the iPhone 5S will also come with a copy of 64GB and will be offered for $ 399 with a two-year contract .

On the other hand the company confirmed that the operating system iOS 7 will be presented over the next few days , for it the smartphones and will be available starting from iPhone 4 and for Ipads starting from the iPad 2 in addition to the fifth generation of the iPod Touch.

The new system, has a number of features such as multitasking and improving the performance of "Siri" and supporting the " iTunes Radio ," with a large developing on "The Notifications Center".
And as a bonus apple will offer many free applications , such as iPhoto , The video " iMovie " , and package applications "iwork" .

Apple hopes that the iPhone 5S restore the influence from rival devices such as the Galaxy S4 and other Android phones that offer more features better then the current iPhone models.
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