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15 Strong Reasons to Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]

Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]
Can you live without Facebook? it's a simple but an important question while the answer for the most of peoples is No, I can't live without my facebook account.
And even if your answer is Yes I can, I will pose a harder question: How much time can you live without your facebook account (without taking a small look on your feed)?.
Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]

In the reality this world (I mean facebook) become an addictive place where peoples spend their life on it without doing anything just up and down just like they're painters.
If facebook was just for fun, no problem, but when everything and all your life is based on this website then it become a dangerous addiction activity because you will not have any goal in your life.

That's why in this post on Netisia I will give you 15 strong reasons why you must delete your facebook account now and start your life.

1. It's Your First step to Success

I'm always saying "The first step to success start by deleting your facebook account". I remember in the past week I saw a photo for Mark Zuckerberg saying 
"If I wasn't in Facebook, I will be in Microsoft".
 In the reality all of us if we weren't on Facebook we will be in Microsoft or Google -_-'.

A lot of peoples want to make a lot of money, success in their life, travel, enjoy life, do something original, and even change the world. But nothing come with sitting, if I ask you: What did you do to achieve your dreams? if the answer is "nothing" I guess because you don't have time to work on achieving your life because you're spending your life on Facebook.

So the first step is start searching and working on how to do it, how to change the world and do something make you proud of yourself. And this thing will never be sitting the hole day on facebook.

2. You're Loosing Your Life

Life is shorter than spending it on social media websites, I remember before I create Netisia, I was sitting all the day on the computer so my family and my friends thought that I'm doing something special and I'm a computer geek so I got a lot of positive and negative says from them.

The positive ones:

  • My mother: One day you will become a computer engineer
  • My friends: Wow, you're amazing in using and fixing computer how did you learn this?
  • My cousins: Tech us
The negative ones:
  • Other cousins: Don't you have anything else to do except sitting the hole day in front of computer!!!?
  • My father: You will destroy your eyes with this
  • My father: Shut down that thing and go out! it's very bad for your health!
In the reality both of them are true. It's true that I'm good in fixing computer and solving internet problems but I learn all this before I become a facebook addictive, and if I didn't create a facebook account in that time I'm sure that I would become a computer engineer or working on a big company (I create my facebook account on February 2009). 

In that time I was setting in front of the screen for more than 13 hours doing nothing just on Facebook, it's true that 13 hours is not too much comparing to other peoples who set 24h but it's a bad habit. But now I'm using it just for moderating the Netisia page on Facebook
Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]

3. Cause of Facebook:

  1. I start learning coding but I didn't continue
  2. I got bad marks on School
  3. I'm wearing glasses
  4. I'm Timid
  5. I don't go out of home
  6. I don't spend enough time with family
  7. If I wasn't on computer, I'm on my smartphone
  8. When I go out peoples are surprised -_-
  9. I didn't enjoy the past 4 years of my life
  10. I don't finish anything (coding, designing, hacking, security, languages, reading, books, after effects, Photoshop, blogging, affiliate marketing...)

4. Find an Alternative to Facebook

Internet doesn't mean facebook and it'll never be. So why you're spending your money on an internet connection that contain millions of useful websites to use just one?.
It's a strong situation, and the essential problem here is: Peoples don't use their mind. I mean why you don't ask yourself:
is There any alternative to this?
And if you search you can find, also you can visit Netisia every week for a weekly top 10 useful websites on the internet or just use StumbleUpon.

5. Enjoy Life

As I said in a previous point: Life is shorter than spending it on Facebook, so I think (and I'm sure you think too) that there are a lot of things better than facebook (even eating or sleeping is better than that website).
There's no problem if you use it for 30 minutes per day, just to moderate your pages or something no-addictive. But when it takes all your day than we can say that it's a serious problem.

6. Peoples will know you Better

Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]
I will ask you a question "Which is better, dating on facebook or in the real life?" "Knowing friends on facebook or in the real life?.
Peoples just add everyone to their friends list then they say "I have a lot of friends I'm popular"

  • You don't know even if they're real persons
  • You don't know if that Girl is not a Boy
  • You don't know if that friend is not a hacker
  • You don't know if that person is just trolling you
  • You don't know if they say the truth
  • You don't anything about them
So making friends in the real life is better than just sending invitations on Facebook.

7. Or even Become a Millionaire

If you're one of those peoples who always ask
"How to become a Millionaire with Facebook?"
 I want to say "are you Mark Zuckerberg?"
No, I'm not
Are you an Employee on Facebook?
No, I'm not
So you can't become a Millionaire with Facebook.

If you want to become a Millionaire there's just one way, delete facebook from your life (Permanently) and start thinking about your future.
How Bill gates become a Billionaire (With B), How that Person become a Millionaire... the answer is "They Don't have a Facebook Account in that time". It's true that deleting your account is not enough but it will help you a Lot.

8. Become Healthier

If you're spending all your day and all your life on social medias than I want to tell you that a Big Maladies is coming to you. I hope this is not true, but my advice for you is to move and move.
Practicing sport will not just make you healthier but also

  • It's fun
  • You mind will become better
  • You will become creative 
  • More friends
  • More Enjoying
  • It's a chance to know yourself
  • Train your body
  • You will look cool
I'm very surprised of Peoples who practice sports just on PES or Fifa on PC while they can do it outside.

9. See World in the real image (travel)

One of things that peoples share on Facebook is the beautiful photos of other countries. Look my friends, the world is beautiful more than you think and more than you see it on the shared photos so try to see it yourself not like peoples see it.
If you don't have enough money to travel (like me) just do something to earn some money like working, blogging, doing paid services...

10. The last Facebook updates

Facebook is doing a lot of updates every period but the last updates are very strange, did you know that facebook is doing a test on 700.000 user and you can be one of them.
The website is based on personal information of peoples so 90% that these test are on those personal information that you don't want anyone to see it.
In the last period I was very busy so I don't have enough time to write about the last tech news on Netisia but I you can read this article to know what I'm talking about.

11. Give your Opinion in The real Life is better

Some peoples use facebook just to express their opinions about a specific topic, this can be useful and good but don't you think that doing this in the Real life will be better and more effective?.

12. The War on Privacy

Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]
You think the war on Privacy is over? no not yet, don't think that Zuckerberg and its company will give up that easy.
The test that facebook do on 700.000 users is without their permission that's why the company receive many issues from many countries. So the question here is "does the company did previous tests on users without their permission?".
"People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people. That social norm is just something that has evolved over time." Mark Zuckerberg Said. 
And He also said
"... the default is now social." via Business insider
So we can say that facebook is killing privacy under the name of "A Better Social Life".  

13. It's hard to Delete Your Account

Delete Facebook From Your Life [Permanently]

Even if you want to delete your account you have just one choice which is "Deactivate your account". What does this mean? it mean that you still can reactivate it, your friends can tag you in their photos. In the past your friends and everyone were able to send you messages even after you deactivate your account.

The company finally remove this feature, but you still can be tagged, spammed, and also I think your friends can also send you games invitations.
The problem here, addicted peoples will always reactivate their account as nothing happen that's why deleting your facebook permanently is harder than the other websites because it takes 14 days be deleted forever.

So the question is How to Delete My facebook account forever and Permanently

  1. the company provide its users with a link to delete their account. Click here
  2. Click on Submit
  3. Write your Password and the Captcha code
  4. Click on Ok
Now your account is deactivated but the permanently deletion will be after 14 days if you didn't cancel the process.
Watch this tutorial for the full steps

14. Why you want to Use facebook?!

In the past points I give you the most important alternatives to facebook uses.

  • You want friends? go out and make new friends
  • You want to read the news? a lot of blogs will provide you with the latest news
  • You want to talk with your relations in the other countries? using skype is better and less addictive
  • You want to be social? Facebook will not make you social
  • You want to be a millionaire? think about your future
  • You want to wast time? wast it on good and useful things
  • You want to play games? what about doing some sports
So can you tell me why you want to use facebook? tell me in a comment below and I will give you the alternative.
But the only reason you can still use facebook is if you're running a business, or you have a facebook page for your blog.

15. Peoples enjoy being Addictive and Stupid

A lot of peoples are proud of being facebook addictive, and they're proud because they don't have a life. Personally I think that this is a stupidity, because you're wasting your life there without any benefits while the company is earning Millions of $$$ from those addictive peoples.


As you can see the problem of facebook addiction is very serious, but I don't oblige you to delete your account, finally it's your choice.
But if you want to still use it I advice you to reduce the period of using social media websites (less than 30 min per day is enough).

And finally what do you think about those 15 reasons to delete facebook from your life? if you have any addition to this post don't forget to write it in a comment below
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