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HTTPS Connection Become a Ranking Factor on Google Search

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When you publish something on the web Google use 200 ranking factors to determine where to rank your website and if it's a high quality page or not.
Yesterday Google announced a new Ranking Factor which is the HTTPS connection, so now Google has 201 Ranking Factors.

According to Google Webmaster Central Blog, website's with HTTPS encryption will have priority in ranking in top page than other websites. Why? 
Security is a top priority for Google
So with making HTTPS encryption a new Ranking Factor google want to make search result safer for users.
Beyond our own stuff, we’re also working to make the Internet safer more broadly.
In the past months Google run some tests on search result and websites that use secure connection to detect if using it as signal for Search ranking algorithm is a good idea or not. And the result was POSITIVE.
In the reality Google has started using HTTPS Domains as a ranking factor but not in "Full Power", according to Google's blog until now this new factor is using just as a very lightweight signal so it's not a problem for websites that didn't start using secure connection, and it's effecting less than 1% of global queries (until now).

The company is giving webmasters time to switch from HTTP to HTTPS before they start using it as an important ranking factor.

In the reality this new ranking factor can effect some high quality websites that can't switch to HTTPS connection like websites on free domains (Netisia as an example), except if Google make blogs on work with encrypted connection for free.

What do you think about Google's new ranking factor? leave a comment below 
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