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20 of Best and Must Known Useful Windows Shortcuts on Computer

Believe me, using shortcuts will change your life and make using the computer much easier. But is there a guide to find all the computer shortcuts? NO.
But the truth is a lot of shortcuts are without benefits and because they're too much it will be hard to remember them all, that's why I create this post, to show you the 20 best and the must known useful shortcuts that will help you to get to your apps and make using computer faster.

1. How to open The Last Tabs You closed
If you wrongly closed a tab then you want to open it again just hold: ctrl+shift+T this will open the last tabs recently closed.

2. How to make Highlighting faster
  • If you want to highlight everything just click ctrl+A
  • If you want to highlight by words not by characters just double click then swipe you cursor on the words
  • If you want to highlight the URL in your browser just click F6 (or Fn+F6) and also you can click on CTRL+ L
3. How to access directly to Task Manager
With windows XP holding Ctrl+Alt+ Del will open directly the task manager but with Windows 8 you should click on Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc

4. How to Move faster between opened tabs
Did you know? Holding Alt+Tab will allow you to switch between opened tabs without using the mouse. For example you can move between desktop, chrome, Photoshop and a folder just by using these shortcuts.

5. How to open the private browser
I'm sure that you know this, and I'm sure that you're using the private browser when you don't want to save the visited browser in your history. Did you know that you can open the private browser by clicking Ctrl+Shift+N

6. How to use shortcuts to Delete Cache
Many peoples don't keep the Cache of their browser so you can use Ctrl+ Shift+ R to make the process faster

7. My Backspace is broken, How to stop a YouTube Video
Using backspace in the keyboard will pause any YouTube video, but what if it's broken? yes you can use the mouse but also there's a 3rd alternative, just click on "K"

8. How to exclude a word in google search result
If you want to exclude a word from appearing in the search result in Google just add (-example) and replace "example" with the word that you want to exclude.

9. How to Lock your PC
If you're taking a break or you go away from your computer just click on Windows Key+ L

10. How to Minimize All the Windows
After a long time on your computer you will notice that you have opened many windows so just click on Windows Key+ M to minimize them all.

11. How to use shortcuts to Bookmark a Page
It's very easy and faster than clicking on the Star, just click Ctrl+ D

12. The fastest way to Send An Email
You don't need to do all the known steps to send an email, just click on Alt+S or Ctrl+Enter

13. How to Rename a File using shortcuts
Just select the file you want to rename and click on F2

14. How to Open Internet Explore
I know you hate it, but not everyone. For IE lovers you can click on Windows Key+ E

15. How to Bypass Autorun when you insert a CD
By default, when you insert a CD it will automatically run. But what if you don't want to use that CD? just Hold Shift while inserting the CD

16. An Alternative way to Copy a File
The Ctrl+C not the only way to copy a file, so if you want a faster way than Ctrl+C Ctrl+V just hold Ctrl+drag the file where you want to put it.

17. How to save your Work with Shortcuts
The most of programs allow you to save your already work just by pressing Ctrl+S

18. How to choose Display Mode
Choosing display Mode mean choosing where you want to use the computer (one scree, multiple screen, disconnected screen..) and you can go to there by pressing Windows Key+P

19. How to choose where to start watching YouTube videos
Another shortcut for YouTube and this time you can choose in which duration you want to move in the video just by pressing numbers. For example if you click on 5 the cursor will move to 50% of the video.
Another example: let's say you're watching a 6 minutes video, when you click on 5 it will take you to the 50% of this video which mean in minute number 3 (6 x 1/2=3min)

20. How to zoom the Desktop and Use the Loop tool
You loose something on the desktop? why not using the loop to find it. Press Windows Key+ (+ or -) and you will be able to zoom in or zoom out any window you want.

You have something to say? don't forget to leave a comment below to tell me which one is your favorite shortcut.
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