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Lenovo Release ThinkPad 10 Tablet and ThinkStation P300 for Business

ThinkPad 10 tablet
Two new Tablet has added to Business World. 
Lenovo Released today two new Windows devices that will help businesses to better build their projects, these devices: The ThinkPad 10 tablet and the ThinkStation P300 workstation, which can do something in business world.

The ThinkPad 10 Tablet

The ThinkPad 10 Tablet comes with 10-inch full HD Gorilla glass display and a lightweight premium aluminum and beatiful design.
Also according to the company The ThinkPad 10 can connect to an optional ThinkPad Tablet Dock or USB 3.0 docking station, that's mean you can connect an external display, mouse, and either the Compact Bluetooth keyboard or directly attach the ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook full-sized keyboard.

One of the best things in the ThinkPad 10 is the security, so you can encrypt your information or your projects (if you're a Business Man) with the system called TPM (Trusted Platform Module).
The ThinkPad 10 will be available in June starting at $599.

The ThinkStation P300

This ThinkStation is based especially on Flexibility and it's built to be easy to use.
The ThinkStation P300 will also be available in June starting at $729, and it's available at tower and smaller Models.

I know I didn't talk too much about the specification, but don't worry I will create a separate post for each of these both devices to review them and talk about everything you need to know about it and how can help you to develop your business.

Source: Blog Technet
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