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If It Can Reach Space, AMD will announce a New APU in 4th June

amd if it can reach space
It seems that AMD willl reach the space with a new release at 4th June, the company launch a new website called "If it can reach space" which didn't contain anything except a countdown for the 4th June which make me think that this is a release date for something from AMD.

"So far ahead of its time that we are launching it at the edge of space", this is what AMD's new website say so we can expect a new release from this big company in the next days.
Also when I was searching in the code of this page I found this
$(this).on('finish.countdown', function(event) {
$(this).parent().html('<h1 class="countdownfinish">AMD\'s most advanced APU ever.
Welcome to Earth</h1>');

So it seems that the company is planning to release a new APU at 4th june, and until that day I will try to collect all the news about this topic and why not some leaks from here some leaks from there, and if you have any idea or opinion about this, don't forget to write a comment bellow
If It Can Reach Space, AMD will announce a New APU in 4th June Reviewed by amine khaoui on 5/31/2014 02:18:00 PM Rating: 5
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