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How To Have Lunch With Tim Cook At Apple - But It's Not FREE

have Lunch With Tim Cook
Do you expect that one day you'll be able to have lunch with the Apple CEO Tim Cook? If yes your dream is achieved, but because this step is from Apple you will need to pay money. I think no one expect that Tim Cook will gives his time for Free -_-.

If you want to take this chance for a lunch with Apple's CEO at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, you must have money and a lot of money. Because it's like a competition, if you're updated to tech news I think you know that Apple did the same auction the past year.
If not I will explain, in the Past year Cook create a bidding (who pay more will win) and the top bidder last year paid $610,000 to have coffee with the CEO.

It's a lot of money for a Coffee but some peoples don't care where they put their money. Let's back to our topic, the 600K paid last year will not go to Apple but this money will go to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights, So if you're the top bidder this year that's mean you're defending Human Rights (As Apple want to say).

The past year's looser will get a second chance to win, and this time you will get more than a coffee with Tim Cook you will have Lunch with him and will be able to take another person to meet with Cook at Apple HQ on a “mutually agreed upon date.”

If you're reading this post and you decide to bid make sure that if you win apple will pay your Lunch with Tim Cook, but you will pay the travel and accommodations.
Also Apple is the only one who can decide when you meet and have lunch with its CEO (when he haves a free time).

Please note that to participate in this auction, additional credit card authorization will be required for all bidders. 

That's mean there's not fake bidders, and if you want to take this chance make sure that Bidding closes at May 13th. 
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