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Firefox 29 is Available for free Download with a complete new Design and features

firefox 29 design, template,theme free download
After many years of the same design, Firefox finally decides to launch a new version with a complete redesign. The new version of Firefox (number 29) has a lot of changes that will make users (maybe) leave chrome to use Firefox's new browser.

When you download the version 29 the first change you will notice is the design which is like Google's popular browser Chrome, it seems that Firefox will build its next browsers on Simplicity in fact to bring more users who search for Simplicity-Speed-Security.

Theme and Personalizing

It's noticed that this version is the most version from Firefox that get a complete redesign, so now the browser has:
  • Rounded tabs not Square (similar to google Chrome): In the most of the past versions of Firefox if not all, the company used the same Square tabs but the time change and now it's "Rounded Tabs" Time!.
chrome design vs firefox design
  • The menu that contain tools, bookmarks, new tab... is now 3 lines (which make me remember Chrome :p): the company remove the orange button from the left-corner and replace it with the 3-lines button in the Right-Corner as you can see the next image
  • Firefox now allow its users to personalize their browser as they like, and you can do this by dragging any feature and put it next to the search bar to use it faster.

firefox 29 free download design

The point of the redesign is to adapt the design to how modern users engage with the web,” Mozilla VP for Firefox Johnathan Nightingale said 

Firefox users will be able to customize their browsers like changing the theme as they like

Performance, Security and Stability

Firefox Sync: One of the new feature in Firefox 29 is the ability to sync all your information to use it in any device in any place in the world. To start working with this feature you have to create a Firefox Account.
The Gamepad API finalized and enabled
Malay [ma] locale added
Clicking on a W3C Web Notification will switch to the originating tab.
The browser now is much more stabler than the past versions

If you like these new changes and features, Mozilla Firefox 29 is Available for free download, also don't forget to share in a comment your experience with the new Firefox 29, what you like, what you don't like or what you want in the next versions.

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