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Whaling: The new Dance. It's Saturday Have you Whaled yet ?

We saw Gangnam style, and we saw The Harlem Shake and many other dances. But it seems that the world found a new interesting dance, it's "Whaling".
It's simple, do you know the whale? (it's a false question) all you need to do is The tradition of whale movements while jumping out of water.
As the past dances, everyone will do it like a crazy for a while, maybe one week maybe two or maybe a month, No one know, the harlem shake lasted about a week and a half so "Whaling" can stay just some days.

The same scenario is happening with the Whaling dance, twitter is filled with videos and tweets about this new phenomenon, then it will pass to YouTube, and finally to Facebook.
"It's Dance Fashions"

When I search on Twitter for some tweets to put it in this post, I found many tweets about saving whales and Anti killing Whales so this dance can do more than making peoples like Crazies, it can make peoples aware and save Whales. Why not

 It's Saturday Have you Whaled yet ?

Whaling: The new Dance. It's Saturday Have you Whaled yet ? Reviewed by amine khaoui on 3/29/2014 07:53:00 PM Rating: 5
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