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The Next 3 TVs From LG Which will be Presented In CES 2014

lg oled tv ces 2014
As any other company, LG intend to release its new inventions which will be at 7 January in CES 2014 in Las Vegas. And today LG reveal the new TVs which will be presented in this event. According to LG, The company will unveil the biggest inflected TV in the world with "OLED" technology and "Ultra HD" resolution. Also the company will release 3 TVs in 3 different sizes: 77-inch , 65-inch and 55-inch.
The first TV (the biggest one "77-inch") come with Model Number: 77EC9800 and it's provided with "LG Color Refiner" Technology [which give the TV a better Stability and Colors Balance] and "Ultra Cinema 3D" , "FRP" Technologies.

The TV is provided with "True-Ultra HD Engine" Technology which can increase the Image Quality in HD and Ultra HD Programs like films,matches... to an image quality near to 4K -According to the company-. LG didn't stop here, The TV come also with "Motion Estimation Motion Compensation" which give the image a better Clarity and purity and softness in displaying the picture.

Also LG intend to release an inflected screen with "OLED" technology and HD technology which will get a Model Number "55EB9600", the company said that the TV is built with materials characterized by viability of recycling.

The 3rd TV released by LG will be with a 55-inch Flat Screen with the same "OLED" technology.

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