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Will Bill Gates Return To Microsoft After The Resignation Of Steve Ballmer ?

So As we know in the past days Steve Ballmer finally decided to leave Microsoft after 12 Years of administration in the company. But the questions now: who will take the place now ?.

It seems that this place has many peoples who want to take it- There are many candidates to head Microsoft after Steve Ballmer, but according to the latest reports from Reuters News reported that many investors in Microsoft want Bill Gates to return again as president of the company.

We shouldn't forget that this is not the first time that bill gates get invitations to return to Microsoft especially after leaving the company to get more time for charity in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Many Experts and professional think that Bill gates is the only person who can save it and make it in the top again. Especially after it was the best unchallenged company when he was the president.

The Investors said that they feel the re-entry of innovation and creativity again to Microsoft in the return of Bill Gates, especially as we know that the best era of Bill Gates with the company is the brighter times to Microsoft, when it was the best company in the world.

One of the main reasons why "the experts" and "investors" want Gates to return to the administration of the company is that "Windows Phone" has just 4% in Smart Phones market so it's very difficult to challenge the other popular Operating Systems like "IOS" and "Android". In addition to the failure of the first Tablet from the company. 
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