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PlayStation 4 Controller Support Working On PC

Many Gamers and PlayStation fans ask about the PlayStation 4 controller if it will support working on PC or not so the answer come from "Shuhei Yoshida" the President of Sony Studios, so YES PS4 Controller will support PC.

According to Yoshida - The controller Dual Shock 4 will work with the basic functions when plugged into a computer, and the controller buttons will work without any problems on PC Games (Windows). But what it will be missed is the "Share" button and "Touch Screen".

Yoshida refused to comment if PC Games will automatically use the Controller or user should add it manually. but he confirms that Sony will provide users with a full report about the characteristics and features when launching the Console PlayStation 4.

The compatibility of PS4 Controller with computers is a missed feature in "Xbox One" controller, but "Microsoft" was revealed last August that the company will launch a version that supports computer games and that" during the next year.
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