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The New Isocell Sensor From Samsung For A Better Quality Pictures

the difference between isocell sensor photos
It's very claire that in the last periods and after we saw the new smartphones that the most of Smartphones companies concentrate on developing the mobile's camera more than developing the other parts. And we can see that  in the different smartphones (40Mpx,20.7Mpx,13Mpx...) 
And for this reason Samsung announce its new sensor for smartphones and tablets cameras which will be called "isocell". the new sensor can take better and high quality pictures with the same pixels density.
for example if we take 2 photos with "galaxy s4": the first without isocell sensor and the seconde without, we can notice the different.

Samsung said that increasing the number of pixels in the camera lead to reducing the volume of the pixel resulting a less absorption of light from the pixel and this negatively affects the image quality.

samsung sensor isocellTo avoid this problem, ISOCELL technology is based on adding an insulation layer between the pixels, which means that each pixel is isolated with a physicist interval from the other pixels. 
-according to Samsung- The insulation help the pixel to capture more photons (the elements of light) and absorb it better and properly.

And this leads to the production of a more accurate picture with sharper and richer colors. This improves the image quality despite its small size and the big number of pixels.

The company said that its first Isocell sensor has 8-megapixel resolution and will be launched during the fourth quarter of 2013.
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