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Microsoft Acquires Phones Sector Of Nokia

Nokia announce today that it has reached an agreement with Microsoft requires Microsoft's acquisition of all Nokia acts related to devices and services, In addition to obtaining an authorization to use the patented of nokia with 5.44 billion euros.
Nokia expecte to complete the deal during the first quarter of the year 2014 and after obtaining the approval of the shareholders in the company, and the required legal approvals.
The company said that after the completion of the sale process will continue to focus on the development of three of its current products, such as mapping and locations services like "HERE", also it will continue to work on the development of its sector concerning the development of technical and licensing. The company confirmed that this deal will optimize nokia's financial site and in providing a strong foundation for further investment in these three sectors

Nokia explained in the press release published on it website, that Microsoft will get all the company's inventions concerning the development of devices and services, including the mobile phones and smart devices units, as well as all the offices and factories producing products and services, sales and marketing with it related support.
The company noted that upon completion of the deal, about 32,000 employees will move from Nokia to Microsoft, of whom about 4,700 employees in Finland.

As part of the process, Nokia will give Microsoft a non-exclusive license of 10 years to use the patented inventing and in contrast Microsoft will grant reciprocal rights related to Nokia Maps service "HERE". In addition, Nokia will give Microsoft the option to extend the agreement of patents permanently .

It is noteworthy that Nokia had entered into a strategic alliance deal with Microsoft since February of 2011, to use Microsoft's operating system Windows Phone in their phones as a substitute for the Symbian system in its phones with high and medium specifications. 
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