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Everything You Need to Know About the PhoneBloks

Everything You Need to Know About the PhoneBloks

In the last period some photos were spreaded on the internet about a new phone called "PhoneBloks", with a new design can be the next generation in smartphones world.
The different in "PhoneBloks" is that you can remove and change the place of its piece, so you can customize your phone, add or remove what you want and put it where you want.
The phone designed by a dutch designer called "Dave Hakkens" who launch a campaign in which he invite the interested peoples to support him to get the necessary attention from one of the phones companies to turn his idea into a commercial product

The new phone allow you to change all the pieces to update its specifications easily and without any experience, so you can replace the screen with better accuracy or increase the capacity of the internal memory or put a larger capacity battery,or change the processor by removing the old piece and add a new piece on the base that connects all the phone pieces.

Dave explained that the idea came to him after using the most of smartphones which made ​​in order to not remain a long time with the user, and to encourage users to buy a new smartphone. this strategie make users buy more than one phone because the old one cannot be updated, and this give phones companies more sales.

The dutch designer put a vision on how to pass from selling new smartphones, to selling new and more advanced separated pieces for "PhoneBloks", and allowing users to create mobiles suit their needs, and to buy more advanced pieces for the same phone in place to buy a new advanced phone.
So photographers can buy a high-resolution camera for PhoneBlocks in place to buy a phone just with a high resolution camera, then he can remove the camera and replace it with a big capacity battery when he travels in place to buy two smartphones one for photographing and one with long term battery.

Hakkens call users via the project page to participate in the campaign on social networks on 29 October to attract the attention of Mobile companies to adopt the project

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